You'll see and feel the difference after the first application!

6-8 weeks (naturally curly/damaged textures, slightly longer for naturally straight hair testures.)

Yes. See instructions for your texture type.

Biostrand is available at various salons and retailers. You can also call Biostrand or order online.

A noticeable decrease in scalp/hair dryness, breakage, hair loss and an increase in natural shine, body and fullness. Some notice texture change. Helps reduce chemical damage.

Yes! Make sure you follow the instructions on the usage or call Biostrand for assistance.

Yes, this is what the system is formulated to do.

Phormé should be used 2 to 3 times per day especially in hot-dry and cold-dry areas to help ensure "PROPER MOISTURE BALANCE". Stop dryness before blow drying and curling irons also!

Phormé Original helps moisturize, add nutrients, control bacteria that cause odor, and protect against thermal, chemical, and sun damage. It is designed for soft, straight, and wavy hair textures. Ultra Light absorbs faster to strengthen and to help chemically damaged hair. Ultra Light should be used 2-3 times until breakage and shedding stops. Both products are designed for daily leave-in use and help ensure body and shine without stiffness.

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