“I really like my hair, already so many compliments, I can’t believe it’s not greasy. It’s so full of body.”
– Carolyn (Oak Brook Terrace, IL)

“I have been using this product for 6 months and my hair has had a radical improvement and to my surprise it’s healthier and longer. I have used many products, but I must say that Biostrand has done the best work for my hair, by far. Thank you and keep up the GREAT WORK!!”
– Rebecca Torres (Henderson, NV)

“Biostrand has worked great on my hair. I had a worry spot that would not grow for years. Now, I can put a full size roller on that spot.”
– Tashelle Brady (NY)

“I am a regular user of Biostrand’s shampoo and conditioner for two plus years. My hair has more body and texture than ever. No more dead straw on my head. Feels clean and thick all day, everyday. Thanks for a great product.”
– Don DeCleene (Downers Grove, IL)

My hair was sheding, it was thin and lifeless. (This is a true story!) About three or four months ago, my stylist began using Biostrand products on my hair. I can now tell the difference in the texture and life of my hair. My hair is full of body and the style stays much longer. No more shedding – and my hair is much healthier.”
– Bobie Howie (Chicago, IL)

“Because my ends were damaged, my hair would not grow past the length of my ears… I am using the Biostrand System, my hair is stronger and longer. I will be going to an out of state college, however, I’ll be sure to take cases of the Biostrand system with me.”
– Adriane

“I am a Proud user of the Biostrand product, Phorme’. I have been using the product For 4 to 5 months, and I have already noticed a significant improvement in my the texture and manageability of my hair. Biostrand has served all of my hair care needs. Thanks for making our lives a little easier!”
– Jenetia

I was referred to you by a colleague and tried your products one time. Now I order my own. Thank you for caring about us “naturals.”
C. Allen NewYork

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